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BigNum Plugin for LCD Smartie

2 line high numbers
2 line high by 2 wide numbers
4 line high numbers [photos by]


If you hate reading instructions then here's the fast start guide:


This is a plugin that makes it possible to display big numbers, currently numbers that are two and four lines high are supported.


This plugin redefines the custom characters, so no graphs can be displayed on the same screen. Also Only one type of big number can be displayed on a screen at a time.


BigNum Plugin v2.0 can be downloaded here.


To install this plugin copy the bignum.dll into the plugins directory of LCD Smartie. [Only the 5.3 and above builds are supported.]

The zip file also includes a config-bignum.ini file which shows how the plugin can be used - backup your config.ini file before renaming this as config.ini.


To use the plugin you will need to insert commands into the your screens - please ensure that all bignum lines have a consistant scroll setting (i.e. all on or all off)!

The command takes the following form: $dll(bignum,[fontsize],[linenum]#[font],[text])

The [font] setting is optional.


On a two line display you would use something like this:

Or something like this for a 2x2 font::

On a four line display you would use something like this: Logo
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