LCD Smartie


The following guides may be helpful:

schema 1 HD44780
for a circuit with a potmeter-backlight, and

schema 2 HD44780
and for an 4x40

schema 3 HD44780
for one you can switch on and off with LCD Smartie.
I haven't tried them both and are not 101% sure they work.
(use at own risk)

schema 1 HD66701
This last one is modefied by loser for the HD66701 controller (so don't use for your HD44780)

schema 1 HD66701
Ok, i had some ppl from sweden who had 4 bit LCD's. One of them told me that you could mod your 4 bit LCD to a 8 bit by soldering wires directly to the chip.
the codes next to the pins indicate tell you what wires you can use in the above circuits
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