LCD Smartie


Channels (mono, stereo)
Position (in seconds)
Position (hours, minutes, seconds)
Total track length (seconds)
Total track length (hours, minutes, seconds)
Position Bar
Playlist number of current track
Total tracks in playlist
Current status

System info:
CPU Type
CPU speed
CPU usage (in %)
CPU usage bar (length)
Free Memory
used Memory
Total Memory
Memory usage bar (length)
Free Pagefile
Used Pagefile
Total Pagefile
Pagefile usage bar (length)
Free space on drive x:
Used space on drive x:
Total space on drive x:
Diskusage bar drive x: (length)
Screen resolution

Motherboard Monitor 5.1:
Temperature 1 to 10
Fan Speed 1 to 10
Voltage 1 to 10
Temperature name 1 to 10
Fan name 1 to 10
Voltage name 1 to 10

Gamestats for the games:
Half-Life (with all mods)
Unreal/Unreal-Tournament (with all mods, and games as Wheel of Time, whitch uses the same engine)
Quake II (with all mods)
Quake III (with all mods, and games as Return To Castle Wolfensteijn, whitch uses the same engine)

Internet headlines:
CNN world news
Stock indexes
Tom's Hardware headlines headlines (dutch only)
Weather (in The Netherlands) (in The America)

Total number of WU's done
Total CPU time
Average CPU time per work unit
Time of last result returned
Time you are SETI@home user
Total users
Your rank
Number of users you share your rank with
Completed more work then ... %
SETI@home icon 1
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Member since
Date of last WU
Active processors
User Rank
Nr. of WU's

Network stats:
Adapter Name
Total download
total upload
Speed download
Speed upload
Errors download
Errors upload
Total Errors
Unicast packages download
Unicast packages upload
Total Unicast packages
Non-unicast packages download
Non-unicast packages upload
Total Non-unicast packages
Total number of packages
Discards download
Discards upload
Total discards

nr of emails (10 E-Mail adresses) RC5/OGR stats
Counter (date) Counter (Time) Degree symbol ()
Black Block
E-Mail symbol
Euro Symbol
$File("C:\file.txt",2) shows the second line of file.txt (can be done more than once in a line)
$dll(demo.dll,5,param1,param2) shows the result of the 5th function in demo.dll with the 2 parameters: 'param1' and 'param2'
$Count(value1#Value2#value3#value4#etc.) values can also be other functions (i.e. '$CPUSpeed')
$Right(text here, ) this means that the text ('text here' will be putted on the most right side of the reserved lenght (i.e. $right(foo,6) will give ' foo'))
$Fill(10) sets the next character on the 10th place. all the characters between the current position and the 10th are spaces
$Flash(text here)$ (text between the brackets flashes)

other options/settings:
Support for HD44780 controlled LCD's
Support for Matrix-Orbital LCD's
Support for Crystalfontz LCD's
port settings and speed can be set
scroll delay
LCD size
Proxy settings (for internet)
Stay on top
randomize screens
Events screen where you can make your own events (i.e. skip all winamp tracks with a low bitrate, or flash your backlight 5 times when you have email
Full support for Matrix Orbital buttons and keypads. (Also the LK404-55)
different screens wich can all be set individual, and skiped if for example winamp is inactive.
The automatic scrolling if a line is to long can be disabled per line
Z = Winamp Last Track
X = Winamp Play
C = Winamp Pause
V = Winamp Stop
B = Winamp Next Track
N = Backlight on/off
M = Freeze screen (the screen rotation freezes, and only the active screen will be updated)
, = Last Screen
. = Next Screen
/ = Refresh all data (inet data, mbm, email, hd size, etc.)
K = Last Theme
L = Next Theme

"-hide" hides the program at startup
"-NoLCD" does not write anything to any LCD
"-register" writes all data to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\LCDSmartie\" Logo
Last change: $Author: clansley $ $Date: 2004/12/28 01:26:42 $ $Revision: 1.4 $
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