LCD Smartie

wmpblog Plugin for LCD Smartie


WMPBlog Plugin can be downloaded here.


Using the plugin

To use the plugin you will need to insert commands into the your screens.

The command takes the following form: $dll(wmpblog,function,param1,param2)

Function 1: first param = which value second param = ignored

0 = Author
1 = Album
2 = Duration
3 = Name
4 = Title

Function 4: both params ignored

WMPlayer run state, returns 1 if WMPlayer is active, 0 if it
WMPlayer is not active.


* $dll(wmpblog,1,0,0)
* $dll(wmpblog,1,1,0)
* $dll(wmpblog,1,2,0)
* $dll(wmpblog,1,3,0)
* $dll(wmpblog,1,4,0)
* $dll(wmpblog,2,0,0)

Skipping the wmpblog screen when Windows Media Player is not running:

1) set the wmpblog screen no disabled by unchecking the enabled box.
2) add the following two functions to the actions screen:

if $dll(wmpblog.dll,2,0,0) = 1 enablescreen(1)
if $dll(wmpblog.dll,2,0,0) = 0 disablescreen(1)

Change the screen number to the appropriate number for whatever screen you are using.

Example Setup:

wmpblog setup

Result using WMP11 playing an MP3 of Ozzy Ozbourne's Mr. Tinkertrain....

wmpblog result Logo
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